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On Dukagjini Bookstore

According to the greatest author Jorge Louis Borges, one might depict bookstore as a place which resembles heaven. Like all of us can imagine heaven and its characteristics, like a pure location, filled with peace, and with unimaginative beauty. All of these heaven characteristics are linked to what a bookstore can provide to readers. Thus, a reader immediately would connect this conception to inner peace, knowledge, and a type of fuel for the brain.

As soon as, one enters the gate of Dukagjini Bookstore, can remember the most popular quotes of the brightest minds. In the meantime, this bookstore is labeled as “The hearth of knowledge and as the source of books”. On 4 th of May, 2000, Dukagjini Bookstore was founded. During those times, Kosovo was a demolished place by war, being handicapped in different realms, and feeling the urge for literature, books to read in leisure time, scholarly texts and textbooks for primary and secondary school students, Dukagjini Bookstore offered them different choices regarding their requests.

Due to these tremendous requests, Dukagjini Bookstore started to have an immense development in this area and simultaneously started to provide to readers a bigger number of books. Nowadays, each of us has a little time to read due to personal obligations, thus being differed in proportion with the number of books that are placed in Dukagjini Bookstore’s shelves. All of this, makes us remember the quote from the singer Frank Zappa, “So many books, so little time”

Nowadays, in 2023, Dukagjini Bookstore provides more than 49.000 titles, from local and international authors. These titles include books that are in so many languages such as: in Albanian, English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, and so on. Despite this, books are classified in different genres and for different ages.

Being a newborn country, Kosovo is visited from different tourists during the whole year and due to this fact, the bookstore is visited from these tourists which can have access to literature that is custom made for this type of readers. Furthermore, being located in the center of Prishtina, is easy to be found also from the people who visit the capital city for the first time. While being located in “Mother Theresa” square, it makes it easier to be found due to being a quietly popular place in Prishtina.

As the years passed by, Dukagjini Bookstore has turned into a safe place where readers may find any book that they need to. What you need to do is only to visit the bookstore and the staff will provide to you the possibilities to have access to the books that you want to have.

All the peculiar elements that fill Dukagjini Bookstore are in correlation with reading and books in general. Having these elements and books intertwined, it makes Dukagjini Bookstore to be in spotlight. When you enter into this bookstore what makes a reader feel interesting and fulfilled is the noise which is inside, and a lovely melody that is being played either way by a lovely pianist or the music played by speakers.

Within this 500 m2 area, one may find a modern interior, shelves filled with books in different languages, two appealing galleries, reading corners and a hall which is suitable for having different activities and book promotions.

Dukagjini Bookstore remains a place where a specialized staff can provide to you the righteous help, thus the staff is well prepared because all of them are very close to reading and have a great passion for books since their early age. The bookstore’s staff helps and advises all clients without making any differences regarding dissimilar ethnic, age, or gender affiliation.

The Dutch philosopher named Desiderius Erasmus has a quote that each reader may find it very close to their heart: “When I have a little money, I buy books; and if I have any left, I buy food and clothes.” So, being linked to this quote, Dukagjini Bookstore takes care to provide to readers books with reasonable prices that it creates a possibility for everyone to buy. Constantly, Dukagjini Bookstore arranges different book sales, whether for different holidays or just without any occasion just to show respect and make happy the readers who visit it.

To keep up with reading and in order to fulfill yourself as a reader, there is one place to be visited in the center of Prishtina, which is Dukagjini Bookstore.