A few steps to open an account into Dukagjinibooks:

If you want to order online at first you need to sign up and create an account as of Dukagjinibooks, which can be created within a short period of time. The steps that you need to follow in order to register are these: Click at “Sign Up” and then you will have to write certain details that are required.

Hence, if you have ordered earlier on, into Dukagjinibooks, now you have only to make sure that you are logged in your existing account, thus there is no need to write required details again.

How to change your password:

If you have forgotten your password of the existing account then you should only click at “Log In” and write the email that you have used to create your account into Dukagjinibooks, after you have written the email please see down below where it is written “Forgot Password?” and all you should do is click there. When you have completed all these steps you will accept an email that provides a new password for you.

*Side Note: When you create an account into Dukagjnibooks, you do not have to write your password of your personal email, you can use the same email but create another password, for example 14141414.

The address of carriage:

While you are filling the information when you want to make an order, you need to write two types of addresses:

  • The address of transportation - meaning in which address the order will be sent
  • The address of billing - meaning who will make the payment of the order

These two addresses may be also the same. Furthermore, you have the chance to save two different addresses and then whenever you are making the order you can choose one of those.

Duration and mode of delivery:

  • In Kosovo: The order arrives within the period of 24 - 48 hours.
  • In Albania & Macedonia: The order arrives within 5 days.
  • Whereas, as it pertains to delivery in other states than those mentioned above, please contact us at: info@dukagjinibooks.com

Price of transportation:

Price of transportation according to the area:


  • For purchase under €19.99 delivery costs €1.00
  • Free delivery above €20.00 purchase

In Albania & Macedonia:

  • For purchase under €19.99 delivery costs €4.00
  • For purchase above €20.00 delivery costs €2.00
  • Free delivery above €40.00 purchase

Whereas, regarding the cost of delivery in other states than the ones mentioned above, please contact us at info@dukagjinibooks.com

You can choose one of three ways to make the payment:

  • You can pay cash when you accept the order
  • Via bank transfer
  • Pay Pal

Product return

The product return may occur only 24 hours after buying the product, this may happen in case the product has malfunction or is damaged. In this case, you may choose another product which costs the same or that surpasses the price of that, thus making the exchange of products.


Emphasizing, only when there is an error by Dukagjini Bookstore then the Bookstore has to refund the client. The reimbursement will be proceeded in the same way as the payment is done, whether cash or via bank transfer.

The opportunity to cooperate with us:

If you want to cooperate with us, then please write us at info@dukagjinibooks.com