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The stories of eva luna

12.00 € Mungon ne stok

INTERNATIONALLY BESTSELLING AUTHOR OF THE JAPANESE LOVER A captivating collection of short fiction by one of the most beloved writers of our timeEva Luna is a young woman whose powers as a storyteller...

Më Njofto

Agamemnon s daughter

14.00 €

In his compelling prequel to The Successor, Kadare draws us into a land deprived of choice, a country under a reign of terror. The spellbinding Agamemnon's Daughter was written in Albania in the 1980s...


11.70 €

'Crossing will devour you; this is some fierce, dazzling, and heartbreaking shit' NoViolet BulawayoBujar's world is collapsing. His father is dying and his homeland, Albania, bristles with hunger and ...

The loser

11.70 € Mungon ne stok

Why does Thesar Lumi disembark from the refugee ship to Italy and return to his home town? The question posed at the beginning of this novel is answered as his life story is gradually revealed. 'The L...

Më Njofto

The traitors niche

11.70 €

LONGLISTED FOR THE 2017 MAN BOOKER INTERNATIONAL PRIZEAt the heart of the Ottoman Empire, in the main square of Constantinople, a niche is carved into ancient stone. Here, the sultan displays the seve...

The concert

14.00 €

It's the 1970s and cracks are starting to appear in the alliance between China and its Communist cohort Albania. When an Albanian steps on the foot of a Chinese diplomat the tension cranks up - courie...


16.90 €

From the winner of the first ever Man Booker International Prize: 'a novelist of dazzling mastery' (Independent)At the centre of young Ismail's world is the unknowable figure of his mother. Naive and ...

Chronicle in stone

13.00 € Mungon ne stok

In a seamless mosaic of dreams and games, a young boy reflects on events as his hometown in Albania falls to a series of invaders. Amid floods and bombings, his own innocence and wonder are lost forev...

Më Njofto

The file on h

12.50 €

Two Irish-American scholars from Harvard journey to Albania in the 1930s with a tape recorder (a 'new fangled' invention) in order to record the last genuinely oral epic singers. Their purpose, they s...

The pyramid

12.00 €

When the new Egyptian Pharaoh decrees that he does not want a pyramid built in his honour his advisers are aghast. It is their firm belief that peace and prosperity only make the people more difficult...

Sworn virgin

12.90 € Mungon ne stok

When Hana's dying uncle calls her back from the city to the family home in the Albanian mountains, he tries to marry her to a local man who could run the household. Unable to accept the arranged marri...

Më Njofto

The palace of dreams

12.00 €

Translated by Barbara Bray from the French version of the Albanian by Jusuf VrioniAt the heart of the Sultan's vast empire stands the mysterious Palace of Dreams. Inside, the dreams of every citizen a...

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